3 Ways Your iOS Device Can Be Accessed Without Your Consent.

What is life without an iPhone/iPad? Sucks right?  We have grown so fond of our devices that they’ve become an integral part of our lives. Such that, anyone with access to our devices can know 100% about us.

You think this’ a bluff? Take a second, what’s it about you that’s not accessible via your iPhone/iPad? Nothing right? Financial details, health history and reports, emails, diary, love messages, career and educational history, your nude & semi-nude photos etc, it’s countless! Continue reading “3 Ways Your iOS Device Can Be Accessed Without Your Consent.”

How to know if someone is spying on your iPhone

Do you fear that someone is spying on your iPhone? Maybe you just want to make sure that your partner trusts you? Or perhaps you have confidential information on your phone and absolutely need to know if someone had access to them?

As we have already seen in the previous post (Your iPhone is the Master Key to Your Life), our phones store A LOT of private and sensible information. And they make a very good prey.

Someone truly determined will find a way to access your phone! Prevent it is almost impossible, even if iOS is a truly secure operating system (we all know how much trouble the FBI went through, when trying to open one). The next best thing is, at least, to know the it had happened.

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Press Release! – iAmNotified for iPhone® and iPad®, Security against Physical Access for iOS.

Geneva, Switzerland — March 30th 2017 — We released iAmNotified for iPhone® and iPad®. iAmNotified protects your device and your privacy, by letting you know if anyone unlocked the screen.

The APP exploits the unique way notifications act in iOS: when a notification is received while the screen is locked, it will be visible only until the device remains locked. If anyone unlocks the iPhone or iPad and locks it back, the old notifications will not show on the lock-screen any more.

iAmNotified sends an innocuous looking notification when the screen is locked. As long as the notification appears on the lock screen, you can be sure no one had physical access to the device.

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Your iPhone is the Master Key to Your Life

What would happen if someone got unrestricted access to your mobile phone? iPhone security is very strong and there is no doubt that iOS is a very secure operating system. Once a password is set or fingerprints are registered with TouchID, it is virtually impossible for someone with bad intentions to gain physical access to the device. This is why we trust our favorite fruity phones and tablets with so many private and sensible information.

The problem is that even the strongest security measures are as strong as the weakest link. I’m sorry to say that the weakest link in this case is us, Humans: the human factor.

It is so easy to peak someone’s pin while they type it in to unlock their devices. A quick glance is enough to get the key to their entire life and privacy.  Do you pay attention and cover your screen every time you unlock your iPhone or iPad? You probably do it at the ATM when you unlock your card, right?

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Hello World! a new APP is born

Here we are, first blog post about the new iAmNotified iOS APP.

This is the first of a series of posts, where I will write about the “behind the scenes” of the development of iAmNotified.  From how it all started to the publishing on the APPStore and what happened after.

Let’s start with the very beginning of how and why iAmNotified was born.

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