3 Ways Your iOS Device Can Be Accessed Without Your Consent.

What is life without an iPhone/iPad? Sucks right?  We have grown so fond of our devices that they’ve become an integral part of our lives. Such that, anyone with access to our devices can know 100% about us.

You think this’ a bluff? Take a second, what’s it about you that’s not accessible via your iPhone/iPad? Nothing right? Financial details, health history and reports, emails, diary, love messages, career and educational history, your nude & semi-nude photos etc, it’s countless!

Imagine your device was accessed by someone? All that information could be in the wrong hands!

If you’re not sure how much havoc can be wrought if your iPhone/iPad is accessed by the wrong hand, read this post!


No need for that, this post will help you prevent those circumstances from happening. Most often, the privacy breach can be due to our carelessness or unconsciousness, here’s a list below of how your iOS device can be hacked.

Ways Your iOS Device Can Be Accessed and Monitored.

iPhones and iPads are made to be one of the most secure mobile devices in the world, hacking them can be a herculean task. Rumors have it that the FBI paid a whopping sum to hack an iPhone that was needed in a terrorist case.

So if your iOS device is this secure, how then can it be snooped?

  • Spying your password when you type.

Someone around you can easily see as you type your unlock code and enter it when you’re not there. It’s an old trick in the book that still works. You can’t be 100% conscious every time you unlock your device.

Anyone who knows your password has unlimited access to all your information.

Most often, you can’t know when you’re being spied, however, you can tell if someone unlocked your device without you knowing. This will be discussed much more in this post.

While some related to the reason above, others think they’re safe because they use fingerprint lock. Think again!

  • Unlocking your device while you sleep, with your finger.

Despite the safety in using biometric security, the only lapse could be our unconsciousness. When you’re unconscious, your fingerprints can be acquired.

If your nosy spouse intends to hack your iPhone or iPad that’s only accessible with your fingerprint, while you sleep is the perfect time to unlock it and install a spyware or browse your personal info.

Since you can’t always keep your hands folded when you sleep, you need to consider keeping off intruders or to detect them.

The only way access can be gained to your iPhone or iPad is physically. Since we’ve proved that iOS devices are secure and are not easily hacked.

One last way to get a physical access to your iOS device without your consent

  • Using Sedatives or drugs on you.

This is no exaggeration, and it doesn’t only happen in movies.

A very desperate intruder would do anything to get their hands on your personal device, just once.

We all know how effective sedatives are, just inhaling a little amount can make you stay unconscious for hours, which is more than enough time to scoop out all the necessary information or plant a malware or spyware in your device.

How much havoc the one-time access can do is based on the intent of the device hackers, who has either spied your unlock pin or used your fingerprint while you slept.

Other attackers could be more demanding, they might want to even keep full track of your movements, calls and other sensitive information. They do this by installing a spyware or a malware on your device. These applications are mostly unnoticeable.

Avoiding and catching these intruders is now possible in the history of iOS because of this new, simple and innovative app

How to avoid unwanted access or catch your iOS device intruder.

Avoiding these intruders can be done naturally by being more careful and alert when unlocking your device.

Also, whenever you sleep, try to keep your device somewhere secured.

Finally, to be sure you always know if someone has tried to access your devices, get iAmNotified.

It’s the smart and effective way of catching and avoiding those intruders, be it your spouse, boss, friends, anyone, iAmNotified fishes them all out.

How It Works.

  1. Download the app from the App Store  
  2. Open the App
  3. Lock the screen

That’s it! Your device is now secured!

You will immediately receive a notification on the lock-screen. The notification will remain there until the screen stays locked.

If anyone unlocks the screen while you are away, the notification will not be there when you return, alerting you that someone had access to your device.

The notification changes every single time for extra security.

You can also use the app with STEALTH NOTIFICATIONS to catch if anyone is spying on you, or with DETERRENT NOTIFICATIONS to let everybody know that you are monitoring any access to the device.

This way the intruders are kept off and/or caught.

This is an extract from a complete guide on how iAmNotified app works. You can read more here.

Once it’s installed, you can keep off unwanted persons, and even find out if you’re being spied on.

Your privacy matters and should be treated securely, since our devices have a whole lot about us, we must keep them secured too!